What is this about?

So what is the "Year of Relux"? I am Relux and over the course of the years projects many projects constantly dissappointing myself. After I finished and submitted my master thesis about one and a half months ago in February, I have come to the realization that I need to force myself more or I will never get it going.

As the pressure of telling people that I am going to do something helps me do that thing (even if no one reads this and I am just shouting into the void, just the fact this is public helps). So I am declaring that within one year from this site going live, so from 21/03/2023 until 21/03/2024, I will fulfill the goals stated below.

Lastly, the list here is not final as changes might increase or clarify scope, however, I will never decrease it.


The Goals

  1. Release the Complete Version of "The House of the Seven Arts"
  2. Complete at least the Ponyville part of "Spectral Eclipse"
  3. Complete the last command given in "Universe Unchained"
  4. Release at least 3 episodes of "Digimon Decoded"
  5. Release at least 3 more episode of "Bottom of the Barrel Yugioh"
  6. Make a fancomic for Kidutus
  7. Be cast and play at least 3 voice acting roles
  8. Upload at least 4 pieces to my DeviantArt


So here I want to clarify on the stated objectives so that I don't end weaseling out due to the bullet points above being too vague.

The House of the Seven Arts: With its initial intended scope. All 8 chapters + 9 endings.

Spectral Eclipse: This means releasing the all chapters up to and including he night of "Nox Eterna" plus a chapter for the aftermath.

Universe Unchained: There was a last command hat was given for me to work with, which was checking the contents of the box.

Digimon Decoded: A series in the vein of "Dragonball Dissection" for the whole of the Digimon franchise which I have written the script for the first episodes already. The introduction episode where the series will be explained doesn't count towards the 3 episodes.

Bottom of the Barrel Yugioh: This a yugioh progression series. Most important requirement is to keep doing the intros for the episodes in vein of the ones already released.

Kidutus fancomic: I had began making a comic based on two OCs I had submitted for the main comic but never completed it. Time to change that. The comic should encompass the moment where Albert turned at the hand of Kidutus.

Voice Acting: This is the only one that can be completed retroactively, in a sense. As whatever I provide my voice to can be released after the metioned timeframe as long my parts were recorded within the timeframe. Furthermore if somehing is released wihin the timeframe, I won't count if I had recorded something before the timeframe but was published within it. For example, let's say that if Carnival Episode 2 gets out of production limbo and gets released it wouldn't as I recorded those long before the given time frame.

Art: Referring to traditional and not digital art. Doesn't mean to just upload, they should at the very least match in quality what I have previously posted.


The House of the Seven Arts:

Spectral Eclipse: 0/4

Universe Unchained: not done/done

Digimon Decoded: 1/3

Bottom of the Barrel Yugioh: 0/3

Kidutus fancomic: not done/done

Voice Acting: 0/3

Art: 1?/4


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