I Failed.

I am sorry. There is no excuse.
I should have done better.
At least I drew something.

Also please don't this sisn't me stopping any of my project. Just incredibly dissapointed in myself.

The House of the Seven Arts Trailer and Twitch Streaming

Sorry about the delay but a week ago I released the trailer for "the House of the Seven Arts" alongside with a new demo!
Feel free to download the new demo at the our rpgmaker.net page.


Our brand new itch.io page!

Furthermore, I have also started streaming on Twitch! Mostly working on Digimon Decoded while streaming and playing and little bit of Yugioh Master Duel. So feel free to join if you want to chat about Digimon, The House of the Seven Arts, Yugioh or anything else!

If the embedding is not working here is a link to my channel: www.twitch.tv/u/relux_the_relux

Digimon Decoded Episode 0

The first episode where we tackle the Tamagotchi and its creation is finally released!

New Updates Page and Voice Role

I decided to make and update page so it clear when something happens. Also, some times progress is being made but not in a way I can update the progress status in the main page. I will be adding RSS hopefully soon.

On the progress side of things, I got a role for character + narration (narration is in the 1st person from the character's POV) in a short story. This youtuber does series of horror fanfics for Halloween, so expect it to be release around October.

Also, with this I finally made a voice reel!

If you would like me to do voicework for you feel free to ask.

That's is all for now but there will be more soon as I am getting ready to release the first episode of Digimon Decoded.